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Cast Flange for Pipe Couplings

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The end of the fixture housing Annex shell of the party ultimately a single metal castings; moved to the flange in a base element of the first and second two-party mobile infrastructure aluminum casting companies flange elements to provide the basic elements of an open ring.
2 moved to a section formed in the surface of the basic elements of the expected, and a pair of clamp members of an annular flange extending outwardly beyond the basic element; The clamp members positioned face to face and the aperture allows the insertion of a fastening element, can reduce the operating distance between the ends of the open ring-shaped base member, which by an annular seal member to the outside of a tube is inserted through the seal INSTITUTE release it tightening element returns to its original size.
More particularly, the present invention provides an improved flanges and seals the outer surface of the connection pipe and the pipe end, can be used if the access can be used to eliminate small leaks. The housing of the flange is also useful, together with the seal member, the outer surface of the anchor adjacent items, to prevent fluid flow along the tube.
Pipe joints and clamps associated with this are well known, the present invention in some years. Coupling includes a central body members, on both sides of the folder. The prior art is sandwiched in Figure 1. At present, however, it has been found that a method of manufacturing an improved, while allowing design improvement and cost reduction.
We found the patent no direct relationship. Part 2 of the sealing jaw assembly pipeline disclose Friedrich et al. U.S. patents. 5,692,544, to contain the leak between the large-diameter flange adjoiningco-axial rubber parts manufacturer tube. The device sealing pipeline leak the U.S. Patent Tomb No. 2001/0008149 2004/0108010 Gaston } {the Yutong energy, people, and 2004 / 0,118,467 pirart. Sealclamp these disclosures is the type that is the subject of the invention.
The drawback is that the end of the known fixture the steel near Lugar sealed folder, each side is flexible, straight and not the concave inner clamp axis parallel to the seal, and better sealoperates when pressed concave surface. The caliper of this defect aluminum casting company may be due to the nature of the bending machine, the first and the last part of a metal band bent straight contact originalmetal belt and other units, it may be because only three roll at the beginning and end of the bent workpiece Coil machine.
Appears in Figure 1 of the previous art design in a type of coupling, and in U.S. Patent. 4463975 night, with a machine parts manufacturer sudden increase in the thickness of the surrounding areas Lugar. Results, this thickness the huge losses offlexibility ears, the result is that, when in use, this section will retain its original planar shape, and therefore does not meet the circular seal. Above the sealing pressure, pressure conditions prevail. The sealing pressure high delay work on-site, and shorten the life of the flexible seal.
An open annular base element after the first one to move into the flange first party and original 2 move into the flange on the other side and said basic elements, say 2 to move into the flange has a cross-section to form a loopextending-surface. the basic elements; expected to be from the surface of said base, and a pair of clamp members, said clamp members are located face to face, and an aperture, allowing the insertion of the fastening element, can reduce the distance between the end of the open-ring-shaped base element, which press the annular The sealing member outside a tube inserted through the sealing College, after the release of the fastening element to return to its original size.
It has been found that no weight plates, cast iron flange clamp it replaced. This reinforcing ribs due to the use of thin-walled outer surface of the clamp body.

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