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Cast Steel,Steel Casting,Sand Casting and Investment Casting

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Steel Casting,Cast Steel and Machining 



Steel can be divided into carbon steel, low-carbon steel and high-carbon steel according to carbon content; steel can be divided into hammered steel, cast steel, hot-rolled steel and cold drown steel according to different forming ways.


Steel casting manufacturers make cast steel or carbon steel as raw materials, use advanced casting technology, to produce cast steel products with good mechanical properties, and cast steel and carbon steel casting are widely applied in many industries.


For machine parts which are more demanding of strength, ductility and toughness, cast steel is required. The production of cast steel castings is second, while cast iron ranks the first, they account for 15% of total cast.Henan Metals has a unique advantage in terms of research and development, production and sales of cast steel castings, and can produce cast steel castings for wide range of industries, types, sizes and precision according to the need of customers, therefore, welcome to our company for consultation and negotiation.




Most customers have us do rough machining or precision machining after casting. It helps to detect casting defects before shipping. Henan Metals are familar with machining properties of various cast steels materials. Typically, we can machine economically for IT6 to IT8 dimensional tolerance levels.


1.Machining for small casting parts



2.Machining for large casting parts


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