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Promoting its aluminium alloy casting project

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  Recently, sanmenxia city henan province held a special conference, aluminum alloy casting and deep processing of promoting project, spin industry chain, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial aluminum speed up. Sanmenxia deputy secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor ZhaoHaiYan to attend the meeting, and to promote the implementation of the project put forward concrete opinions. Municipal party committee, vice mayor of ZhaoZhongSheng, coal group chairman wu righteousness to lu, general manager ZhaiYuanTao, the city government party members such as water voters to attend the meeting.

  The meeting listened to the preparatory work project report, project construction work to promote the solid arrangement.

  ZhaoHaiYan in the statement, relying on resources and has been formed aluminum industry pillar industry advantage, and increase the aluminum and aluminum deep processing project construction, spin industry chain, improving the added value of the products, to promote the traditional industry high-end, is to realize the transformation and upgrading of industrial, speed up the new industrialization process of important ways. Is actually planning forward of aluminum alloy casting and deep processing projects, is our city to optimize the industrial structure of the symbol of project, the scale of investment in zhuhai history unprecedented, not only can promote the aluminum industrial development to a new stage, and also will greatly promote the social and economic development, and is of great significance. The relevant departments should attach great importance to have the project as the our city for a period of project construction "project one", as the priority, a clear division of labor, the specialist is responsible, and do our best to promote project implementation. The municipal development and reform, industry and information, land and resources, environmental protection and other functional departments to door to door service, completes the cohesion, actively promote research projects, the problems in practical action practical begs to show the efficiency of the style of work and good economic development environment, promote the "four high" the implementation of the strategy, speed up the industrial upgrading of its transformation.

  Wu to shandong, ZhaiYuanTao in the speech to the our city support project construction thank, hope to cooperate the both sides of honesty and quality, close coordination, and work together to major project cooperation ascend to a new level.

  ZhaoZhongSheng preside over the meeting, and requires all relevant departments strengthen key consciousness, cooperation consciousness and service consciousness, active, and work together, and promote the project implementation.

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