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Superfine grinding machine makes non-metallic mineral shine brilliantly

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  natural sulfur, pyrite, crystal, corundum, blue SPAR, etc. In our country for a long time for the exploitation of nonmetallic minerals, is still at the extensive state. Since the ultrafine grinding machine was published, micro powder in the life of the used more widely. Nonmetallic mineral in building materials, chemical industry and so on many domains issue extraordinary splendour.

  Silicon ash cement in coatings in production in coating, it is a kind of good to fill strong sex, can increase coating toughness and durability, and can keep the coating surface level off and and good gloss. But improve the resistance to wash and fight decency performance, still can reduce paint and ink oil absorption quantity and keep the alkaline, has the corrosion resistance. Can get high quality color bright coating, and have good are coated sex and anti-aging properties. To make the paint can get better mechanical strength, increase durability, enhance the adhesion strength and corrosion resistance. Have good coverage and adhesion.

  Super fine powder as mica plastic, the coating, paint, rubber functional packing, can improve the mechanical strength, strengthened toughness, adhesion and corrosion resistance of anti-aging. In addition to have high electric insulation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion, elasticity, toughness and sliding sex, heat insulation, small thermal expansion coefficient performance outside, and take the lead in put out two block smooth surface, diameter than the big, thick morphological rules, adhesion, etc.

  Bentonite powder with good physical and chemical properties, may do binder, sc, thixotropic agent, stabilizer and purification decoloring agents, filling, feed, catalyst and so on, widely used in agriculture and light industry and cosmetic, medicine, and other fields, so montmorillonite is a kind of extensive use of natural mineral material.

  Illite industrial USES very extensive, can be used to produce k, senior coating and packing, ceramic parts, senior cosmetics, soil adjustment agent and poultry feed additives, high-rise building skeleton ingredients and cement ingredients, nuclear industry pollution purification and environmental protection. Among them trace elements can make the shuttle's outer coating. Especially in paper making, cosmetics, ceramic three industries, illite has a great application value.

  Shanghai collis rick machine Co., LTD HGM series production of ultrafine grinding machine, milling machine, mica calcite grinding machine, used for mok's hardness of level 6 or the inflammable and explosive friable materials of the super fine powder processing, high output, low loss, environmental protection clean, is the first choice of nonmetallic minerals processing machine.

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