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Overseas Purchasers Favor Asian Manufacturing Market and Bring Orders to Purchase

Number of visits: Date:2011-11-24

In the middle of Nov. 2011, will bring another team of powerful overseas purchasers from Europe and America to visit Asia along with their purchase orders. Their Asian Autumn trip will begin from Shanghai and explore Asian market in the interactive forms of industry summit, face-to-face purchasing fair, product display and plant visit, etc. to develop high-quality suppliers and partners.

At the moment, the global economic cooperation integration is at high tide with more and more overseas purchasers focusing on Asian market including China, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippine, etc. and all adjusting their purchasing methods to favor new purchasing channel such as e-commerce. Such kind of online and offline purchasing channels help to realize the most economic purchasing.

According to the principal in charge of overseas purchasing market, the purchasers who confirm to attend the visit mainly come from manufacturers of Europe and America, such as PV Labs, Nextech Enterprises, PADA Engineering Srl, Nexans Network Solutions and Lasher Sport. These companies mainly purchase machining, stamping, sheet metal, plastic molding, casting, mold and other component process. Some of these purchasers have never been to China before and have quite short knowledge of the Asian market. And this Asian trip integrated the real demand of purchasers to help them firmly grasp the international market trend and trade differences and highlight the value of cross-border economic cooperation.

Since 2007, has arranged the supply and demand platform between supplier members and purchasers at home and abroad through several face-to-face purchasing fairs. Its high standard, high efficiency, supplementary service advantage and profession match have been deeply favored by the industry. Mr. Jin Xiaobing, CEO of Asia-pacific said that the application of modern e-commerce platform enables the overseas purchasers to find the most appropriate suppliers more conveniently and fast.

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