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The 9th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo 2012

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CICE-China (Beijing) International Casting Industry Exhibition is a brand exhibition, focuses on technology promotion and production marketing of castings, foundry equipment, foundry technique, and foundry raw and raw and auxiliary material. Since its foundation in 2004, organizer stands at industry frontier, discuss current situation of foundry technology development and industry prospects scheme, and devotes to provide enterprises the most cutting-edge marketing information and the widest business cooperation platform. More than 3,000 enterprises and over 100,000 visitors benefited from past eight exhibitions. CICE has become the most influential foundry industry pageant in Asia, is an important window for China Foundry goes to the world while world foundry pays attention to China.

    As basic industry of global economic construction, foundry industry plays an important function on booming world economic development and application area. Today as the degree of global economic all-in-one enters deeply, total output of China castings is constantly rising, technology continually makes progress, and the proportion in world economic increases time after time. Foundry equipment and foundry raw and auxiliary material market is the largest one, which increases powerfully, and attracts the attention of global foundry industry. Under such condition, the 9th China (Beijing) International Casting Industry Exhibition will be hold at China National Convention Center from August 22 to August 24, 2012. We predict hundreds of enterprises from Asia, Europe, and Americas will participate in. We sincerely invite domestic and over sea foundry companies to participate in this exhibition, to expand the development road of foundry industry together, and to create more business opportunities. Let’s contribute strength together for the prosperity of casting industry!

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