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Cost advantage helps casting industry of China to improve the level of internationalization

Writer:John LiSource:Original Number of visits: Date:2013-12-26
The production cost of casting industry in China has certain amplitude rise with the development of social economy, but the low production costs , help maintain the price advantage of casting products,and for castings export and domestic sales in China have played a supporting role.
Although there may be a degree of international raw material prices rise, but the domestic price level may fall further , the employment pressure has also led to large-scale wages is difficult to rise , affected by these factors, our castings production costs will continue to remain at lower level , which is conducive to maintain price competitiveness of casting products. Reducing the cost of the casting industry should use advanced equipment,but don't have to abandon the original equipment , can be numerical transformation in the original equipment to achieve, and thus more effectively achieve the goal of reducing the cost of the casting industry .
CNC machine tools as advanced casting production equipments , can effectively achieve the purpose of reducing costs . Because of CNC machine tools have incomparable superiority of traditional , digital technology now has become the core technology and infrastructure technology manufacturing automation . Casting producers to keep up with the trend of the times development , to promote enterprise progress, and most of companies are doing business or in preparation of CNC machine tools . However, due to limitations of the original production levels ,many enterprises have large number of ordinary casting machine tool, if the removal of general machine tools to re- purchase of new CNC machine tools, will spend a lot of money to run . So on the basis of the original ordinary machine tools on the numerical control transformation must carry on the machine tool numerical control transformation, it can greatly save the cost of the purchase of new casting machine, and decrease the cost of castings.
Those low -cost production casting equipments are most welcome by casting manufacturers.Production casting cost lower equipment can use the same power and raw materials to produce more of the same quality of castings, at the same time also can reduce the solid particles, gas, waste water and other pollutants ,  is currently the castings manufacturers find authors synergistic effect is the best way.But, this kind of casting production equipment suppliers have not yet fully in China, most still rely on imports.
Casting production equipment imported at higher prices relative to domestic production equipment with the same quality, therefore, to further reduce the production cost of castings in our country ,we still need to improve our level of production equipment in China .

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