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Ductile Iron Casting Sourcing from Henan Metals & Minerals

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·Process: Green Sand casting, Resin sand casting,Precoated Sand Casting

·Standard: ASTM, JIS, BS, DIN, EN, ISO



·EN-GJS-400-15/DIN GGG-40

·EN-GJS-500-7/ DIN GGG-50

·EN-GJS-600-3/DIN GGG-60

·EN-GJS-700-2/DIN GGG-70

· Casting Weight: 0.2kg to 8000kg

·Max/Min Wall Thickness of Casting is :4mm-250mm

·Precision Machining: CNC lathes, milling, drilling, planning, grinding machines and test facility

·Chemical composition controlled by spectrometer

·Certificate: ISO9001:2000

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