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Metal Castings Inquriy

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1.What's the required information for a offer? 
Henan Metals require the technical drawings (2D or 3D) to make a offer, it would be better if we can get the CAD file with all the technical requirements,estimated casting weight and annual quantity.If you could,please inform us of any particularly critical dimensions, special materials or special requirements also. 
2.     Would Henan Metals be able to sign a confidentiality agreement ?
YES,we would. Henan Metals is willing to sign such an agreement concerning the nondisclosure of information of any kind. 
3.     What time can our customer receive a offer from Henan Metals?
First Henan Metals need to learn the customer's complete enquiry (drawings and technical requirements). If any information is missing, we shall quickly contact you. Then Henan Metals will check the production feasibility, process stability and manufacturing capacity.Based on these our company will prepare a detailed offer.The customer will usually receive our offer within 7 days.
4.     How long will the offer be open?
Henan Metals would like to keep a long-term stable prices,this greatly varies depending on the project. If the material price or exchange rate out of +/-3%,the unit price will be adjusted accordingly.
5.     How long would it take to produce a die or moulds?
After confirming the  casdting die or mould drawing by both sides,our company would take about 25-35days to produce the die or mould.
6.     When will the customer be able to get samples?
After the casting die or mould finished, our company will take about 8-15 workdays to test the die or tooling, produce the samples, CNC machining, inspector the samples,complete the Quality Reports and ship the samples to the customer in time.
7.     How long the mass prodcution will take?
After the buyer confirmed the casting samples and placed order,the mass production will be started. The delivery time depends on the order quantity. 
8.     How long can the customer receive the shipment?
Estimated dlivery time should depending on the destination.
Normally,if the shipment by sea,it will take about 28-35 days from Xingang,China port to European or North American basic ports. 
If the shipment by air,it will be received within 7-10 days.
Our company will inform you of any information and updates about shipment on a timely basis. 
9.How can Henan Metals keep a competitive price in the casting filed?
Henan Metals has its own resources and manufacturing facilities in China. Currently, labor costs in China are about 90% lower than those in the West. Especially,the industrial production and tooling manufacturing is developing very well in China.Henan Metals is capable of producing very economically, especially in manufacturing processes of sand casting and investment casting. We pass on the cost advantages to our customers.
10.   The buyer received an offer from another China supplier that is nearly 15% lower. Why is that?
There are various possible reasons. The most typical are:
1.     Reducing the weight of castings.
2.     Instead of the required castingmaterial,reducing the grade of cast iron or cast steel.
3.     Surface quality of castings is poor.
4.     Reducing the mechanical properties of the castings
11.  Are there any additional costs beyond the offer price?
If not otherwise specified,our casting parts are subject to deburring, shot blasting and antirust process. If the buyer has a special instructions, price will be adjusted accordingly. The offer price includes standard packaging.
Our quotation will be according to you requested. for example FOB Xingang,China,or CIF Hamburg (destination port), C&F Rotterdam,etc.
12.  How about the sample fees?
Our price includes three free samples.The buyer could supply us your courier account such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. We'll inform you the tracking number as soon as the samples sent. 
If possible, the buyer could give us the contact information of your other vendor in China, the sample will be sent to there directly, then delivered together with your other goods in a container.
13.  What is the payment term for casting mould and tooling and mass production ?
For casting mould or tooling manufacturing, 50% charge of mold or tooling in advance by T/T, and balance 50% after sample approved; 
For mass production: 30% deposit against order and 70% against the B/L copy.
Our company also accept payment by L/C.
14.  How will Henan Metlas help protect customers from piracy?
Our company would maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client and sponsor information.If product information has to be passed on to other outsourcing suppliers, only the most necessary information of the discussed casting parts. Confidentiality is supported by having different suppliers manufacture different components and assembling them by our company. 

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