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Lost Foam Casting,Steel Casting

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Lost foam casting (also known as cavityless casting)  refers to a new kind of casting method, which is to combine and bond the paraffin wax or foam models that are similar to the casting in shape and size into the model cluster, to brush fire-resistant coating and bury the model cluster into the dry quartz sand after drying to vibrate the model, to conduct pouring under the negative pressure to realize the model gasification so that the liquid metal occupy the models and then to form the new casting after solidification and cooling.
Lost foam casting is a new casting method, and the process is: lost foam casting manufacturers combine casting wax and foam model with similar size and shape to make the model cluster, after being brushed fire-resistant coating and drying, buried in the dry quartz sand to shape by vibrating for vacuum casting and model gasification.
Lost foam casting process is widely used. It is not only applicable for cast steel, cast iron, but also more suitable for cast copper, cast aluminum and so on.
Lost foam casting process, like other castings, has its disadvantages and limitations, so not all castings are suitable for lost foam casting process, a specific analysis is needed before casting. A number of factors need to be taken into account before casting: volume; material; size and structure of castings. In addition, the process can be put into production after the experiment.
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