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China's Auto Parts Export Must Overcome Five Obstacles

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In recent years, with the advantages in the domestic automobile industry rapid development, the auto parts industry are with the fast development in China.As one of the important factors to maintain sustained and healthy development of the automotive industry,the automotive products are exported to more than eighty percent of the total in China.In 2017, the export of auto parts in China reached  USD499.2 billion, an increase of 8.9% year on year. After two consecutive years of decline in export volume, China's export volume has stabilized, but it still lags behind the national export growth by 1.9%.Due to the lack of core technology, poor development in emerging areas, increased trade friction and rising manufacturing costs, China's auto parts export industry still has five growing pains.
The core technology is difficult to improve, and the market is seriously squeezed.The "American Automotive News" released the top 2017 global auto parts suppliers, only 5 Chinese companies on the list, the proportion is only 5%, and Japan, the United States and Germany listed enterprises accounted for 67%.
There is a serious surplus in low-end capacity, but the new energy industry is strong growth.In 2017, the production and sales of new energy automobile in China reached 794, 000 and 777, 000 respectively, up 53.8 percent and 53.3 percent year on year, accounting for 40 percent of the global sales volume and maintaining the position of the world's largest electric vehicle market.Europe and the United States and other countries of auto parts manufacturing companies take market in our country through the factory, in 2017, Volkswagen, BMW, Panasonic, GM, ballard, Freudenberg, six well-known spare parts foreign companies have publicly expressed or will invest in China, involving the diaphragm, power battery, fuel cell,core parts for lithium battery assembly.
Cost "rise" ceaselessly, the profit of car enterprise is not sustained.Since 2017, involved in automobile parts raw material prices continue to soar, rebar price rises above 40%, and copper metal raw materials procurement, non-ferrous metals and other raw material prices rose by an average 20%, increases in the prices of microchips and other electronic parts imported from 10% to 50%.As one of the most important material in lithium-ion batteries, cobalt market price has risen from 2017 at the beginning of the 273000 RMB/ton rose to 547000 RMB/ton, up 100.36%, the price of lithium carbonate also up 30% or more than the same period, high cost further eroded corporate profits.At present, the average gross profit margin of the industry is only about 8% including 46 listed auto parts companies,which is more than four percentage points lower than in 2010.

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