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Refractory Composition and Deformability TiAl alloy Investment Castings

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Now most of TiAl alloy components are produced by the investment casting process in the world.However,under dual pressure of the environmental and economic, the metal industry need to improve the current casting quality, reduce manufacturing costs and explore new markets.

At present, the main problems of TiAl alloy investment castings are with cracks, porosities, and surface defects.In order to solve these problems, many casting professionals from around the world have been conducted,and they found that casting defects can be reduced by improving composition and properties of the shell molds. It is important to make a summary for the related research progress for quality improvement of TiAl alloy investment castings.

So, the development on refractory composition of shell molds for TiAl alloy investment castings was reviewed, and research progress on deformability of shell mold for TiAl alloy castings both domestic and overseas was introduced in recent years. The existing methods for deformability characterization and methods for improving the deformability of shell molds were summarized and discussed. The updated advancement in numerical simulation of TiAl alloy investment casting was presented, showing the necessity for considering the deformability of shell mold during simulation. Finally, possible research points for future studies on deformability of shell mold for TiAl alloy investment casting were proposed.

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