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An overview of “the Casting Technology Roadmap”

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I. Development Status and Trend of Casting Technology
(I) Overview
Casting is a liquid metal into the mold cavity after coagulation for metal casting technology, widely used in aviation, spaceflight, automobile, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, textile and other industries, is one of main methods to obtain blank mechanical products and components.
Casting industry in aircraft engine, rocket engines, gas turbine engine, automobile engine, rail transportation occupies a large proportion.It is very important to improve the performance of the equipment.Casting machinery industry is basic manufacturing process.Since 2000, our country has 16 years in a row to occupy the first place of the world casting production,becomes a big casting producer, made a positive contribution for our country national economy development.However, China still lags behind in some high-end casting technology,lead to the development of related high-end equipment lags behind the manufacturing developed countries.There are large numbers of small and medium-sized casting plants in China foundry industry,they all have many problems in the extensive management, backward production capacity and so on, which can cause damage to our ecological environment. Therefore, we need to invest more in energy consumption control and environmental protection.
Nearly thirty years, great changes have taken place in the world casting technology,mechanization, automation, digitization and intelligent technology  are continuously developing and deepening, and human beings are increasingly demanding to the sustainable development environment.These factors contribute to the advancement of world casting technology.The next 15 years will be a period of structural adjustment and strategic opportunities for the development of China's foundry industry, and the development of "high-quality, efficient, intelligent and green" casting technology" has become an industry consensus.
At present, the development of casting technology goal of China is greatly improve the innovation ability of the high-end castings designed and manufactured by China's equipment manufacturing industry.Become a group of world-class innovations in advanced casting technology, major engineering oversize and key parts of casting forming technology, digital intelligent casting technology, green casting technology. It provides strong technical support for the equipment manufacturing of important sectors of our national economy, and makes our country from the world foundry big country to become the world casting power.
Ⅱ.Key technology roadmap
A) Cast Steel
The cast steel field contains four key technologies: the development of the foundry double-phase stainless steel material for Marine engineering;The pure, compact and homogeneous casting technology of large ingots;The manufacturing technology of high alloy heat resistant steel castings for supercritical and secondary reheat supercritical steam turbine;The technology of electroslag casting for large curved surface and other special-shaped pieces.
B) Cast Iron
There are four key technologies in the field of cast iron: the production technology of high performance iron casting;High quality pure iron liquid smelting and treatment technology;The manufacture technology of super section ductile iron parts;High precision and precision maintenance of machine tool bed casting mass production.
C) Cast Non-ferrous Alloys
The field of cast non-ferrous alloy includes five key technologies: the technology of cast aluminum alloy;The technology of cast magnesium alloy;Cast titanium alloy technology;The technology of cast copper alloy; Cast alloy technology with high temperature.
D) Cast Metal-matrix Composites
The field of cast metal-matrix composites are included four key technologies: Cast aluminum matrix composites; Cast magnesium matrix composites;Cast titanium matrix composites;Cast copper matrix composites.
E) Cast wear resistant materials
There are five key technologies in the field of cast wear-resistant materials: the development technology of iron and steel wear-resistant materials;The technology of melting and prefurnace treatment;The technology of sand casting moulding for iron and steel;For suitable special casting technology of steel wear parts.The heat treatment technology of steel wear resistant parts.
F) Rapid prototyping
The rapid prototyping field contains five key technologies:  moulding and molding material system for rapid prototyping technology development;The rapid prototyping technology based on laser sintering process;The rapid prototyping technology based on 3d printing technology;The high efficiency CNC milling technology of quick sand mold and vanishing mould;The development and research for high reliability rapid prototyping engineering production equipment.
E) Investment casting
The field of investment casting contains five key technologies: directional, single crystal hollow blade manufacturing technology;The Near-Net Shaping technology for large, thin wall and complex investment casting;The new smelting method of titanium alloy and surface material and shell technology;The ceramic core preparation technology for the complex inner cavity forming of the melting die casting;The mechanization, automation, informationization and intelligentization of the casting process upgrading.
F) High-pressure casting
The field of high pressure casting contains four key technologies: the development of high performance die casting alloys;High vacuum die-casting technology;The technology of soluble core die casting;Intelligent die casting technology.
G) Anti-gravity casting
The field of anti-gravity casting contains four key technologies: anti-gravity casting technology for the high quality thin-wall complex aluminum and magnesium alloy castings;High efficiency anti-gravity casting technology;Composite anti-gravity casting technology;Anti-gravity casting equipment and technology for high temperature and oxidized alloy materials.
H) Squeeze casting
The field of squeeze casting contains four key technologies: the new extrusion casting technology;The melt quality control technology of extrusion casting;The defect prediction and control technology for large complex extrusion casting parts;Design and manufacturing technology of large and complex extrusion die casting mould.
I) Lost foam casting
There are five key technologies in the field of lost foam casting: the development of new foam mould materials;The research of Process Design Theory and the Development of Process Simulation software;The vibration compaction technology and equipment of complex casting foam appearance;The technology of die casting of aluminum alloy (magnesium) alloy;High speed CNC machining equipment and cutting tools.

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