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Aluminum Die Casting Production Method

Writer:Li YubinSource:Henan Metals Number of visits: Date:2014-1-17
The Correct Way for  Using The Die Casting Dies 
Li Yubin        2014-01-17
Henan Metals always make a correct die casting process before the production, the die casting workers should operate correct,skilled and high quality mould maintenance.This is very important to improve the production efficiency,ensure the quality of die castings, reduce the rejection rate and die failure but prolong the life of die.
- Making the correct die casting process
Die castings technology is a reflection of a die casting factory technical level, it can be right mixture the characteristics of die casting machine, mold, castings, die casting alloys characteristic and factors of production, satisfy the customer request at the lowest cost.
Therefore, Henan Metals must attach importance to the selection and training for our die casting process engineers.
Henan Metals' die casting process engineers who is the field technical head of die casting production , besides making the correct die casting process,timely revision of die casting process according to the factors of production changes, they will also manage training and improving for the mould installation adjusters, die casting operators and mold maintenance crews.
-Make sure the most reasonable productivity, set the cycle time of each injection cycle.
Low productivity is not conducive to improve the economic benefit, high productivity will reduce the die life and qualified rate of the castings,there will be no profit when we add it up.
-Make sure a correct die casting parameters.
Under the premise of ensuring the castings  meeting the customer quality standards,we should control the injection speed, injection pressure and the alloy temperature at the lowest standard.
It will be reducing load of machine and mold,  reducing faults and improve life.
According to the die casting machine characteristics, mold characteristics, casting characteristics, casting aluminum alloy characteristic, we can make sure the fast injection speed, injection pressure, supercharging pressure, slow injection stroke,  fast injection stroke,punch distance,holding time,reset time, alloy temperature, mold temperature and so on.
Henan Metals must make a strict and detailed spraying technology if using water-based paint.
Paint brands, paint with the proportion of water, the spraying quantity (or time) and  spraying sequenceat at every parts of the mold, pressure of compressed air , the distance of spray gun from the molding surface, spraying direction and the angle on the molding surface,etc.
-Henan Metals would make a correct mold cooling program according to the actual die mold.
The correct mold cooling program has a great influence on production efficiency, casting quality and die life. 
The program should be stipulated water cooling method, how many molds should be cool down,how many quantity and frequency open the cooling water valve at a specified standard. 
The cooling intensity of the cooling system  should be set by die casting process engineers,make the mould thermal equilibrium with spraying. 
Regulations for different sliding parts with different frequency of lubrication, such as punch, guide pin, guide sleeve, core-pulling mechanism, push rod,reset lever and so on. 
-Making a die casting operation procedure for each die casting, and training and supervision the workers produce the castings according to the requirements.
According to the complex degree and new or old of molds, to determine a appropriate preventive maintenance cycle for molds.
Proper preventive maintenance cycle of molds should be a mold will fail and there is no faults in the use of die mold.
It's not be advocated that if the mold has malfunction during the production, unable to continue production,it was forced to repair.
According to the complexity of the mold,new or old and the dangerous condition of sticky mold , to make sure a eliminate stress cycle for modules( about 5000-15000 times make one) and whether need do the surface treatment.
Such as nitriding treatment, nitride layer depth.
0.33, Max 0.55.
- Implement the correct die casting operation
Die casting operation workers should be trained and certified,strict enforcement the Operational Procedures of Die Casting Workers, strict control the cycling time of the first mold time,the error range should be less than 10%. The stability of the die casting cycle time is very important for a foundry 's comprehensive benefit. 
The stability of product quality, die life and failure rate has a decisive influence.
Strict enforcement of mold cooling scheme, mold cooling is the effective methods to improve the production efficiency, quality of castings, die life and reduce mould failure. 
But, the wrong water cooling operations can creat the fatal damage for the mold.
Stop die casting production, the cooling water must be shut down immediately.
Pouring drossing,ladle molten aluminum, pouring movements should be standard, there is no  oxide skin in metal liquid, and the minimum fluctuation when pouring liquid metal into the pressure chamber.
The error range of pouring by hand should control within 2-3%.
During clean up the mold,clear the swarf at parting surface, cavity, core, runner,overflow tank,exhaust duct and so on,to prevent collapse when clamping mould surface and exhaust duct blockage, or cause clamping is lax.
Don't use of steel tools to  contact the surface of mold.
Spraying is the one of the most important and difficult operation of die casting, must be strictly according to the spraying process operation.
Incorrect painting can make the unstable product quality and mold earlier failure.
In accordance with the production requirments,lubricatelu sliding parts in time.
keep an eye out for clamping tightness, regularly check the pressure situation of mould plate and support situation of mould bracket, prevent mold's sink or fall during the production.
Complete a die repairing cycle of mold, or stop production after completing the specified production batch, we should retain a last die casting part (preferably with running and feeding system) with the mold maintain together.
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