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The Material of Cast Steel-- Stainless Steel

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Henan Metals & Minerals is good at the stainless steel castings OEM service, such as all kinds of valve,pump,support,backet,auto parts,holder and so on.

Stainless Steel is the universal name for a number of different steels used primarily for their anti-corrosive element. stainless steel has been developed to resist a number of corrosive environments. It ensures that our workplaces are safe, that buildings last longer and that our food preparation surfaces are hygienic. It is also an earth friendly material; it can be melted down, recycled and made into something else.

Stainless Steel is always made using chromium. The minimum amount of chromium used to make stainless steel is 10.5%; it is chromium that makes the steel stainless. Chromium also improves the corrosion resistance by forming a chromium oxide film on the steel. This very thin layer, when placed under the right conditions, can also be self-repairing.

There are other elements used to make stainless steel as well, including nickel, nitrogen and molybdenum. Bringing these elements together forms different crystal structures that enable a variety of properties in machining, welding and forming.

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