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Silica sol precision casting as one type of investment precision casting is a relatively advanced casting technology , which not only is applied to cast different kinds of alloy with many types, but also can meet the primary quality casting standard because of the final products with higher precision and surface quality than other casting methods.
Silica sol precision castings have advantages as follows:
1. Castings are smooth and clean with precise shape and size.
2. Avoiding the casting flaws and wastes resulted from core making and core setting.
3. Simplify the shaping technology to a great extent, thus avoiding the casting flaws and wastes resulted from delivering and mould assembly.
4. Simplify the sand preparing system and realize the full reuse of moulding sand without preparation and avoid the handling of the sand conditioning.
5. Make sand shake-out so easy that the workload and labor intensity is reduced.
6. The castings have no trimming and burr which reduces over 50% of the cleaning and polishing labor.
7. Reduce the internal defect of the castings.
8. Vacuum-assist pouring helps liquid metals fill mould and feed, thus increasing the density of the castings.
9. Composite casting can realize one box with multi-castings at the same time which largely increases the exporting and production efficiency.

Tool made by Investment Casting.


Details of Silica sol precision casting Tool

1. Material: WCB ( Steel 45)
2. Production process: 
. Raw part realised by 
Silica sol precision casting (Japanese lost wax process). 

. Weight of posted parts: 1.15 kgs 
3. QC involved: 
. Chemical composition by spectrumeter, 
. Microstructure tester after heat treatment. 
. Crack by MR detector. 
. Dimension can be controlled by CMM. 
4. Reports supplied: 
.  Material certificate 

.  Mechanical properties
. Dimension report 

. CNC machining facilities Japan origin; 
. Investment casting/ lost wax casting made by automated line; 
. Chemical composition assured by spectrometer; 
. Microstructure, Hardness tester, Coating tester, Crack testing can be handled in house; 
. Most of our experience accumulate in the different process and in the different material, therefore we often assist customer to do optimizing job both on designing and on cost reduction.

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