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  • Name: Cast Iron Steering Knuckle
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This metal casting part  is made of ductile iron.Cast iron, also called iron castings, is the a general designation of alloy which is mainly composed of iron, carbon and Silicon.

Cast iron refers to cast iron products, with cast iron as raw materials, produced by using advanced casting iron process by iron casting foundry. Cast iron automotive part,Cast iron gear, cast iron valve, cast iron liner, as well as cast iron pulley, and other gray iron & ductile iron castings, are common cast iron castings in the production and life.
Henan Metals & Minerals could supply iron casting,steel casting & aluminum casting accroding to customer's requirements.The iron casting weight we can produce from 0.5Kg to 2000Kg.
For Cast Iron Steering Knuckle
1. Material: GGG45 (Ductile Iron)
2. Production process: 
- The steering knuckle made by Shell Mold Casting Process
- The Weight of  the Part: 6.6 Kg 
3. Good quality with competitive price
4. Iron Melting With: Electric Furnace
5. On Site Melting Iron Temperature Inspection: Temperature Detector
6. QC involved: TS16949 Certificate
7. Chemical composition by spectrometer
8. Microstructure tester after heat treatment
9. Crack by MR detector
10. Dimension can be controlled by CMM
11. Shipping method: LCL or FCL container
12. Payment term: T/T, L/C
 Reports supplied: 
. Material certificate 
. Mechanical properties
. Dimension report 
.Well and High Quality Control;
.Customer's Design and Logo are Welcome;
.CNC machining facilities Japan and Taiwan origin;
. Chemical composition assured by spectrometer; 
. Microstructure, Hardness tester, Coating tester, Crake testing can be handled in house; 
. Most of our experience accumulate in the different process and in the different material, therefore we often assist customer to do optimizing job both on designing  and on cost reduction.
For more informations about  any sand castings, please contact our technical service department at .
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