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Investment casting, also known as lost wax investment casting foundry, uses casting methods of fusible (soluble) one mold and dispensable mould (core) casting.
Available types of alloy can be produced by investment casting are carbon steel, alloy steel alloy, heat-resisting alloy, stainless steel, precision alloy, permanent magnet alloy, bearing alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, nodular cast iron and so on.
Investment precision casting is also known as lost wax precision casting or precision investment casting, it is a kind of casting method to shape castings by fusible (melting) mode castings. Investment casting manufacturers aften use with this investment casting to cast investment cast products with good performance.
Using investment castings produces components that are best described as near-net-shape, in other words, components that require little or no further processing. The process is capable of producing precise detail and dimensional accuracy of approximately +/-0.005” per inch of dimension in castings of up to 200 pounds or just a few ounces.
Hundreds of different alloys can be cast using the investment casting process, in most commonly used base metals such as steels, stainless steel s, copper, nickel, irons, cobalt, and more. A key advantage often overlooked is that since finish machining can be minimized or eliminated, alloy selection can be upgraded to stronger metals, which are typically harder to machine, resulting in better performance of the end product.  Henan Metals casts most of the common engineering metals used by a wide range of industries, as well as many specialized metals for demanding applications.
In all other processes, tooling is a significant cost factor.  However, investment casting tooling is produced from easily machined aluminum alloy, but because it is only receiving wax, it has an extremely long life.  Henan Metals works with our clients to assist with tooling requirements, and looks after all tool manufacturing, and storage of the completed tooling. Costs for these wax tools is substantially less than that of die casting or forging dies, and many times dies can be made as multiple cavities as well as semi or full automation to reduce casting costs even more, yielding exceptionally high return on the investment of the tool.
The most common applications for investment castings are in situations where costly finishing operations can be reduced, or even eliminated, for existing metal components. This is due to the accuracy of detail and dimensions attainable with investment casting.  Today, more and more manufacturers are turning to designing their new components as investment castings, since several parts can be made as one casting, reducing handling, assembly, welding, and inspection costs.
Our company is a large foundry, and impeller casting is one of our main products.
There are different types of impeller casting, and common impeller castings such as steam turbine impeller made of carbon steel, impeller shell, MD multi-stage pump impeller made of gray iron casting, impeller of centrifugal pump, impeller of electric submersible pump, stainless steel impeller and so on.
Investment casting is a designer's dream. Complex shapes, both externally and internally are possible through the use of tool design, soluable wax coring, or ceramic coring. Internal configurations not possible with most other manufacturing processes can be provided by Henan Metals through the use of investment castings. Externally, draft-free walls, splines, holes, bosses, lettering, serrations and even some threads can be easily cast as well.
Using investment castings produces components that require little machining, and therefore there are significant reductions in lost metal to chips and shavings. This is especially valuable when working with materials such as stainless steels, nickel alloys, and cobalt alloys, which are not only costly, but difficult to machine.
Since cast components are produced by using wax patterns from a single tool, dimensional accuracy is the same from part to part, year after year. When design changes are required, it is usually possible to alter existing tooling at a relatively minor cost.
From design to completion, investment castings can usually be supplied in under 12 weeks. If prototypes are of interest, we are pleased to offer in-house Rapid Prototyping services utilizing our unique 3D wax printing system to produce wax patterns in only a matter of days from receipt of your drawing files, with castings available usually less than 3 weeks later.

Details of Investment Casting

Applicable Material

cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, nodular cast iron, high chromium iron, high manganese steel, alloy steel, etc.

Material Standard





CT 5~7

Surface Roughness

Ra 6.3

Annual Output



Automotive, motorcycle, valve, marine, machine tools, hardware, railway, gear, impeller, pump, reducer, motor, mining machinery, engineering machinery, transmission machinery, forestry machinery, communal facility, etc.

Drawings software

Pro/E, Auto CAD, Solidworks, CAXA UG, CAD/CAM/CAE.


Turning, milling, drilling, grinding, threading ,NC, etc.


Sand blasting, polishing, plating, acid treatment, anodizing, painting, etc.

Inspection Equipment

Germany SPECTRO spectrum analyzer, three elemental analyzer, micro hardness tester, Rockwell apparatus, metallurgical microscope,hardness tester, CMM, etc.

Proofing Cycle

7-10 days

Process Cycle

10-15 days

Payment Terms

L/C, T/T

Delivery Port

Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, etc.


Plywood cases or packing according to customer's requirements.


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