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Precoated sand casting as one type of sand casting is a relatively advanced casting technology which not only is applied to cast different kinds of metals with many types, but also can meet the primary quality casting standard because of the final products with higher precision and surface quality than other sand casting methods.
Precoated Sand casting, you might as well call it the Resin coated sand casting or shell coated sand casting.The precoated sand casting process is a special iron castings & steel castings production process,which castings are to be cast in the iron moulds having a thin layer of the resin sand facing in their inner surfaces. Using resin coated sand iron mold to produce ductile iron brake disc castings,ductile iron wheel hub castings,yoke castings,Cylinder Block castings and Cylinder Head castings.
Compared with the traditional clay sand castings, the precoated sand castings have features of small roughness, high precision and quality which lead to their popularity in the market with fast development and soon will become the mainstream products in the casting market. As the market demand for good appearance and quality increases gradually, the quality competitiveness of precoated sand castings will definitely attract more attention and lead to fast development and prevailing.
Raw Material                                Core Shooter                               Precoated Sand Core
Details of our Precoated Sand Casting Cylinder
1. Material: ASTM A563 65-45-12 (Ductile Iron)
2. Production process: 
- The cylinder made by precoated sand casting process.
- The Weight of Machined Parts: 30.8 Kg 
3. Good quality with competitive price
4. Iron Melting With: Electric Furnace
5. On Site Melting Iron Temperature Inspection: Temperature Detector
6. QC involved: TS16949 Certificate
7. Chemical composition by spectrometer
8. Microstructure tester after heat treatment
9. Crack by MR detector
10. Dimension can be controlled by CMM
11. Shipping method: LCL or FCL container
12. Payment term: T/T, L/C
 Reports supplied: 
. Material certificate 
. Mechanical properties
. Dimension report 
.Well and High Quality Control;
.Customer's Design and Logo are Welcome;
.CNC machining facilities Japan and Taiwan origin;
. Chemical composition assured by spectrometer; 
. Microstructure, Hardness tester, Coating tester, Crake testing can be handled in house; 
. Most of our experience accumulate in the different process and in the different material, therefore we often assist customer to do optimizing job both on designing  and on cost reduction.
For more informations about  any sand castings, please contact our technical service department at .
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